ICT Furniture

Robust & stylish furniture built for educational use.

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We have been installing stylish and robust benching for 25 years.
It’s rock solid and designed for use in close proximity to real teenagers.

Our very experienced team install the whole system, (including mains and data if required) to give you superb, trouble-free results at amazing prices.

Despite its low price, each order is bespoke; we can manage any size, shape or colour you want. Seriously! All that numerically-controlled magic!

You don’t HAVE to have your computer tables in the shape of a crocodile, but you can if you want. (Mostly, we do boring rectangles, circles and hexagons).

It’s beautifully installed by skilled and experienced engineers, who have been working safely and cleanly and quietly in schools for years,

Just look at the range of styles available!