Multi-Academy Trusts

Combine resources together. Improve and maintain high educational standards.

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Datacable is working with several MATs to raise standards and cut costs.

We have genuine experts who can work with you planning and achieving real excellence in IT – IT as a tool for management, as a subject in its own right, and as the infrastructure on which all your curriculum increasingly depends.

Multi Academy Trusts need enterprise-grade information management systems. As the MAT grows, you need IT solutions that scale.

You can’t just carry on doing what you did when you were a small team on one site.

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This is a great opportunity for changing over to cloud based systems.

Cloud based systems are designed for the collaboration of dispersed teams.

However, planning new systems is only half the job. It can be even more challenging to persuade and train all your colleagues to adopt the new disciplines.

If it’s going to work you need sensitive and intelligent change management.

Datacable are ideal partners for your trust. We are intelligent, sensitive and friendly but not pushy.