Networking & Wireless

A strong backbone to your school’s infrastructure. Dependable networking starts here.

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Superior School, Superior Network.

Every person in your school depends on instant communication.

It has to be fast, reliable and worry-free.

Many schools inherited ramshackle networks with rats’ nest cabinets and haphazard extensions. When it goes wrong, it can be a nightmare to fix.

Datacable’s network engineering team have been working in schools for years.

They are CSCS gold card certified.

They know the most reliable equipment at prices you can afford. They know how to deliver a tidy, well-documented network that is a dream to maintain, and they know how to impress you with their clean, safe, polite and helpful approach.

Schools are the most demanding environment for WiFi

Dense traffic needs professional traffic control; this is not a job for a simple wireless router like you have at home. It needs serious attention to detail in design, installation and testing.

We can recommend appropriate solutions (based on our extensive experience) from a number of suppliers.

Datacable is unbeatable for professional design, trouble-free installation, after sales service and value for money.

Dozens of schools already think we are the obvious choice for extending, overhauling or auditing your network. Give us a call!

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