Software & Licensing

Solutions from a wide range of software vendors. Licensing options to ensure legality.

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Keyword and Phrase Monitoring provides a school with insight into and alerts from any activity by a student that might suggest they are engaged in activity that would place them at risk.


iPad Management

Smartly manage iPads in school using our preferred MDM system. And when your devices are tied down to your school’s Apple account, you can ensure peace of mind when complying with GDPR.



Protect school devices using state of the art cloud based anti-virus.

Pinpoint threats quickly and more efficiently.


Backup Solutions

Full disaster recovery is a must when thinking about how systems and data can be quickly restored in a demanding environment.

Microsoft Licensing

Windows and Office have to be legally activated for them to be used, and this can be achieved by purchasing a licensing agreement, which can be obtained through Datacable.

Google Licensing

G Suite and Chromebook devices require the correct licence to function. Datacable are a G Suite for Education partner, so we can easily provide this for you.